Oilwatch Ghana, Civil Society Groups demand: STOP THE COAL DREAM

Ghana plans to build her first coal fired electricity plant in the next three years , to be sited at Ekumfi Aboano, a fishing community in the Western Region, 85 kilometres from Accra. The government has secured a $1.5billion dollar development loan agreement with China through Shenzhen Energy, a corporation largely owned by the Chinese government to develop the project. The coal plant is designed to trigger several other infrastructure projects, including a new port facility. The coal, the raw materials, will be imported from Colombia and South Africa. Oilwatch Ghana and other civil society groups in the country are strongly opposed to this dirty energy plant.

Kerkennah islanders faced with rising sea water levels and impacts of extractive operations of fossil fuel companies.

Kerkennah islanders are faced with a double threat to their existence: rising sea water levels and the extractive operations of fossil fuel companies.

They Don’t Care if We Exist

Crude Oil Spill Impacts at Forcados 14th February was celebrated as Lover’s day across the world, but in parts of the creeks of the Niger Delta it turned out to be a tragic day. While lovers dressed with a touch of red, Forcados communities were braced for the unknown with the threat of having their water ways coated with crude oil rose by the hour. On that day, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC or Shell) announced that there was an oil spill from their 1.2 metres (48 inches) export line and that they were investigating the cause. The point of leak lies under 4.5 metres of water

Shell's Bad Day in the Dock

The decision of the Appeal Court at The Hague on 18 December 2015 that the four farmers whose lands and creeks were damaged by Shell’s pollution can indeed sue the oil mogul in The Netherlands has come as refreshing news. While this is a sweet step towards total victory, we are saddened that while the case drags on the polluted lands are yet to be remediated and the victims are still deprived of the use of their lands and creeks.

Environmental dangers of planned oil pipeline

Uganda is currently in high gear to produce and export its own oil and expects to export its first consignment of oil by the close of 2018. The country boasts a number of prospective oil wells around Lake Albert in four major exploration areas (EAs). These include the Murchison Falls NP exploration area, the Buliisa exploration area, the Kaiso Tonya Oil block and the Kingfisher oil block.