Oilwatch Calls for a De-petroleum-ized Habitat III

Oilwatch’s Call for a De-petroleum-ized Habitat III. This call was made at the end of the General Assembly of Oilwatch International held in Quito, Ecuador. The General Assembly also marked Oilwatch's 20th Anniversary.

Oilwatch International marks 20 years!

Oilwatch International held its General Assembly in Quito 19-20 October 2016. Accion Eccologica also marked 30 years of incredible work within the week. Delegates came from all the continents of the world. We bring you a group photograph of delegates at the General Assembly.

Fish not Oil: Oilwatch Africa General Assembly 2016 Resolutions

The Annual General Assembly of Oilwatch Africa was held in Entebbe, Uganda, 4-6th September 2016. The General Assembly was preceded by a conference with the theme: impacts of fossil fuels over land and Food Sovereignty in Africa. The gathering also marked the 20th Anniversary of Oilwatch Africa and Oilwatch International. We bring you the Resolutions of the Conference.

Oilwatch Africa Bulletin August 2016

This edition has reports from Oilwatch Ghana: Stop the Coal Dream. There is also a report that the Ghanain parliament has passed a new law to regulate the petroleum sector. From Oilwatch South Africa we share a Friends of the Earth International’s report, Fueling the Fire: New coal Technologies Spell Disaster for Climate. We also have an article by Bwengye Yusuf of Oilwatch Africa Secretariat – Uganda titled Oil Fuelling War and Environmental Destruction in Southern Sudan and the World at Large. click and read!

New Report: Up in Smoke - Gas Flaring, Communities and Carbon Trading in Nigeria

The CDM is the existing prototype for carbon trading, which is harped on by pro-market proponents as offering the best option for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing sustainable development gains for developing countries. This positive projection is not backed by the realities. This report presents examples from Nigeria to show that projects registered for CDM fall short of the sustainability criteria.